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Estamos especializados en diseño y ejecución de viajes para grupos a medida por Polonia y Europa Central. La cartera de servicios de grupos incluye una amplia variedad de viajes,  empezando por los grupos pequeños y terminando por series de grupos que operan toda la temporada, año tras año. Todos los tours no sólo siguen altos estándares sino que se enfocan en cada detalle a la satisfacción de nuestros clientes. Como agencia de viajes mayorista en el segmento B2B, recordamos concentrarnos en la satisfacción de nuestros socios comerciales, pero también en las necesidades y expectativas de sus clientes finales.

Aquí, usted puede encontrar algunos ejemplos de viajes para grupos muy interesantes que ofrecemos. Los viajes a ciudades como Cracovia o Gdansk se han convertido en una oferta estándar de la mayoría de agencias de viajes. Éstas son ciudades que realmente vale la pena visitar – En ellas es donde mejor se puede aprender sobre la historia de Polonia. También se puede observar cómo estas ciudades han cambiado en los últimos años tanto en los centros culturales como en los centros comerciales – rivalizando con las mejores de Europa.

Esas ciudades o regiones que hace apenas unos años eran poco frecuentadas (debido a la falta de instalaciones de alojamiento) ahora tienen mucho que ofrecer: por ejemplo, el Parque Nacional de Bieszczady con su naturaleza virgen y las huellas de la cultura multinacional.

Cracow is a must in Poland. What you will notice here firstly is the specific atmosphere – which delights everybody who visits. Our tour programme will help you enjoy this unique atmosphere – tourists must have enough time for strolling through the streets of the Old Town. Our guides are ready to answer any questions as soon as you start exploring this amazing city.

The tour program includes:

  • guided tour in Cracow - the Barbican, Main Market Square, Cloth Hall from the 13. century, the National Gallery, St. Mary's Church with the altar of the Nuremberger artist - Veit Stoss
  • visit to the former coronation site and royal court at Wawel Castle ( treasury, cathedral, catacombs)
  • visit to the best preserved Jewish district in Europe - in the Kazimierz district; including a dinner in a kosher restaurant and concert of klezmer music
  • visit to the surrounding area, eg. raft through the gorge of Dunajec river or a trip to Zakopane - a centre of winter sports and 'capital' of the Tatra mountains
  • visit to the Wieliczka salt mine (which was placed on the UNESCO World Cultural heritage list)

The old harbour at the mouth of the Vistula River has a specific position among Polish cities. A former member of the Hanseatic League, then the free city of Gdansk – it is now famous for the two Nobel prize winners: Gunter Grass and Lech Walesa, and the birthplace of the trade union «Solidarity» , as well as being at the heart of the rapid changes in Eastern Europe. The guided tour of Gdansk shows how the long standing cohabitation of Poles, Germans, Kashubes and other immigrants have stamped their images on the city.

Our clients will for example see:

  • the beautiful old city of Gdansk with the famous port crane - the symbol of the city of Gdansk and the St. Mary's Basilica - the biggest brick built cathedral in the world
  • the cathedral of Oliwa where they can listen to a concert played on a Rococo organ
  • in Sopot they can walk along the famous promenade up to the longest pier (molo) on the Baltic Sea
  • in Gdynia they will take a ride on a restaurant-boat and walk along the most popular shopping street
  • Visit Malbork - The grandest fortress of the Teutonic Knights, built in the 13th Century
  • during the tour through the Kashubian region our guests have the opportunity to taste the Kashubian kitchen and to admire the beautiful landscapes of the so called Kashubian Switzerland

The quite often turbulent history of the south-east region of Poland means that you can find there traces of Polish, German, Ukrainian, Jewish and even Greek culture. The trip goes from Cracow, via Rzeszow, Przemysl, down to the wildest area in Poland – the Bieszczady Mountains with their untouched nature and the lowest population density in Europe.

Our clients will for example see:

  • guided tours in Cracow, Rzeszow and the multinational city of Przemysl
  • visit and lodging in one of the former Polish magnate residences or palaces in Lancut, Krasiczyn and Sieniawa
  • an opportunity to sample traditional Polish cuisine
  • visit to the Jewish synagogues and Jewish cemeteries with tombs and headstones from the 16th Century
  • following the traces of the Ukrainian culture - orthodox churches with their unique icons
  • round trip along the 'so called' Bieszczady loop - including a visit to a hucul-horse stud and a health resort at the Solina reservoir
  • possibility to hike on the so called poloniny (grassy areas on the mountain tops), to fish, to sail and to ride a horse as well as observe the untouched fauna and flora of the Bieszczady National Park

Over the centuries, Polish kings and magnates erected numerous defensive castles. History has unfortunately reduced many of them to piles of rubble. Some of them, however, have been spared and can still enchant us with their beauty.

Our clients will for example see:

  • visits to numerous old castles, for example Lubin, Czocha, Ksiaz, Staszowice, Wawel and Czorsztyn
  • In some of the castles the travellers will be also accommodated
  • visits to the monasteries in Gora Sw. Anny and Jasna Gora/Czestochowa
  • guided tours of Wroclaw, Nysa, Opole, Jelenia Gora and Krakow. Not only will the tour be a delve into Polish culture and history, but also an unforgettable adventure, with a dinner in a 13th - century castle, a visit to the world famous salt-mine in Wieliczka and a raft trip through the Dunajec river gorge

Warsaw: a mixture of a big city jungle and a city of memories, whose old town after the Second World War has completely rebuilt, true to the original plans. One can either envy or console the nearly 2 million inhabitants of this city. But either way the city is really worth seeing. Some 200 km to the north-east of Warsaw you can find all that people living in big cities need and miss so much: silence and relaxation. The region of the Mazury lakes – the north-eastern region of Poland – is often called ‘the land of a thousand lakes’, although you can find there are much more than just crystal clear lakes. The region offers great opportunities for hiking, riding a bike, sailing, canoeing, horse riding as well as many other forms of active relaxation, together with the sensation of experiencing the untouched nature of the area.

Our clients will for example see:

  • one day long guided tour of Warsaw including the Royal Castle
  • visit to the Wilanow palace - the summer residence of the Polish kings
  • round trip in Mazury: Mragowo, Gizycko, Mikolajki and the landscape park of Mazury
  • boat trip on the Krutynia river
  • visit to Wolf Lair (Wilczy Szaniec) - Hitler's headquarters during the Second World War and to the pilgrimage church in Swieta Lipka (including organ concert)
  • participation in a peasant wedding, including carriage ride and a ceremonial meal

Los viajes mencionados anteriormente son sólo algunos ejemplos de viajes para grupos de nuestra agencia. Éstos pueden ampliarse y modificarse de acuerdo a sus necesidades. Los precios y programas serán detallados sobre demanda.

Algunos ejemplos de interesantes circuitos, viajes para grupos en los países de Europa los pueden encontrar en nuestra página web

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